Ways Your Vision Can Change As You Get Older

August 24, 2021

It’s said that the accumulation of wisdom in your brain is the only positive and helpful transformation that your body parts undergo as you age. It’s kind of hard to argue with that. Skin sags, hair turns gray and eyes have a tendency to not be as robust as they once were. 

At Vision Quest, our optometrists are enthusiastic about treating the vision health of our patients no matter what their ages. In addition to our high-quality, comprehensive optical care, we provide a welcoming, patient-focused environment in which each client feels at ease. You’ll know you’re in good hands the moment you step through our door. 

Here are vision changes that tend to materialize as the years pass by. 

You now need eyeglasses to read and perform other activities that require close-up vision. This condition—called presbyopia—is normal and happens to just about everyone when they get to their mid-40s. Think of your reading glasses or bifocals as a well-earned milestone in your life.

Cataracts are forming. This clouding of the eye lens usually starts showing up in folks who are over age 60. But know that it’s no big deal for a cataract to be surgically taken out and replaced with a special lens. 

You’re getting eyestrain-induced headaches while working at a computer screen. If you have logged a lot time staring into one since computer became popular in the early 1980s, it would do you well to download an app that greatly reduces the blue light that the screen emanates. You’ll be pleasingly surprised by how much it helps.

High blood pressure and diabetes, which aging adults are prone to, influence eyesight. High blood pressure can harm eyes’ nerves and blood vessels, while diabetes sparks retinopathy, which is damage to the retina’s blood vessels. Unfortunately, diabetes is one of the main causes of adult blindness. 

Our team of optometrists at Vision Quest has the ability and flexibility to offer their unparalleled knowledge regarding your vision health. Our high-tech, cutting-edge diagnostic equipment will provides an overall view of the health of every aspect your eyes. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to make an appointment.

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